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Volunteering as a Family: There's Always Room for More

Volunteering as a Family: There's Always Room for More

November 19, 2021

Volunteering as a family is a great way to spend some quality time together and help give back to those in need or assist your local community. No matter the age of your family members, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities to check out. Below are just a few simple ideas to help your family get started.

Help Those in Your Neighborhood

If you have anyone who is elderly, infirmed, or disabled in your neighborhood who may be in need of a helping hand, offer your services as a family to help them complete the tasks they need done. You may be able to help them with their shopping, run some errands for them, or clean up their yard. With the whole family working together, you may be able to provide all the assistance they need to go about their day.

Pay a Visit to a Nursing Home

There are many elderly people in nursing homes and treatment facilities who are lonely. Some have family that is far away and may not be able to visit regularly. Some may not have a family at all. By stopping by to visit the residents of nursing homes, you may be able to help them stave off loneliness, brighten up their day, and learn a little more about the older generation. If making it out to visit often is difficult, consider corresponding with a resident by mail. Contact local facilities to ask how you may be able to help through volunteering.

Opt for Donations to Celebrate Birthdays

Instead of having friends and family send birthday gifts each year, consider raising money to support your favorite local charity. You also could have party attendees bring items to donate to a cause as well. If you want to donate to your local library, have each guest bring a book. If your local shelter needs support, have them bring personal care items.

Clean Up the Neighborhood

If you and your family are unsure where to get started, walk around your neighborhood. Clean up a section of the highway, or if you are close to a beach, spend the day picking up trash there. You may also want to see if there are any local cleanup projects you could join, such as preparing community gardens, planting trees, or keeping up hiking and biking trails.

Make volunteering a family affair by trying out some of the family volunteering opportunities listed above.

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