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EV’s for the Environment

April 28, 2023

We are in such a hurry to clean the environment by switching our vehicles to clean burning EV’s that we could be destroying our country over the next 50 years. The United States has been a good producer of oil, but the same cannot be said for the required materials it takes to make an electric vehicle. A big component of electric vehicles is copper and about 40% of the world’s copper supplies come from Perú and Chile, both have unstable governments. I hate seeing more dependence on China but 60% of the world's lithium is processed in China and 47% of copper is smelted there. Because of our pollution laws the United States only has two copper smelters in operation far below the 12 that we used to have. Another important component is cobalt and 70% comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That’s a country we should have a long-term commitment to, but don’t. Slow down on this rush to EV’s a little bit before we get our country so dependent on foreign governments.